Research, development, production,
promotion and selling food supplements.

Export and import of food sumplements,
medical devices and drugs.


Astina Pharm, a.s. is a new dynamic company bringing together professionals
such as doctors, pharmacists including opinion leaders, pharmaceutical technologists,
marketers and sales representatives

Our goal is to improve and support public health through food supplements,
medical devices and drugs that make sense.

Our products for good health are supported by science.
They are new, effective, efficient and safe.



The company concentrates on development and manufacturing of dietary
supplements with added value. We provide education of professionals and the general public,
preparation of marketing and sales strategies and promotion of the products on the markets
via sales force and promotion campaigns

Our activities include selling of food supplements, medical devices and drugs in the Czech and Slovak Republic in the pharmacies and other selling channels and also export and import
of food supplements, medical devices, drugs, diagnostic devices in clinical biochemistry, hematology, immunology and other fields

Research and development

We develop and produce food supplements production on measure according to the needs of customers and consumers, using the latest scientific knowledge and technology. Effectiveness and safety of the products is guaranteed by experienced specialists.

Our customers are either pharmaceutical companies or companies specializing in the manufacture and sale of food supplements. We provide all necessary steps to fulfill the high demands of customers: idea for composition, assembling the correct composition of a product, professional backgrounds of its effectiveness and about its advantages, compliance with European and national legislation, technological design, product prototype, analysis required by authorities, strategy design and preparation of training and expertise materials.

Cooperation in this area is strictly confidential.

Export and Import

Export and import

We are open for cooperation in the fields of export and import of new, interesting, effective and safe products for good health. We prepare all necessary documents for the export of products from the Czech and Slovak Republics.

In the case of import we provide an efficient team of sales representatives to pharmacies and medical representatives visiting doctors. We will train sales teams using materials of the customer and will ensure that the team was excited and enthusiatic about the products. We ensure design and process proposal of marketing and business strategy, media plan and budget.


Education of general and professional public,
Conferences and events

We provide unique, original information about the clinical background of natural compounds and their use to supporting health. We interpret scientific background of natural substances into a language understandable to the general public.

Our original articles, abstracts of scientific literature and commentaries are open to all media. We organize conferences and events focused on topics associated with health.




To fulfill our mission, we use the knowledge and experience of leading experts in medicine, in applied research of natural substances and micro-organisms, biochemistry and pharmaceutical technology.

We recommend and produce only natural ingredients and products that make sense. They work and are sufficiently supported by scientific facts. Without fairytales and broken promises. Choose what will help your health!

RNDr. Vladimir Voda Ph.D

Vladimír Voda, RNDr., Ph.D.

CEO / Founder

the Scientific Council

Zdeněk Zadák, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor at the Charles University

Leading Czech and world-renowned expert in the field of research and application of natural substances in medicine, University Hospital in Hradec Kralove, head of the Center for Research and Development with involvement in European and international research projects.

David Stejskal, M.D., Ph.D., MBA
Professor at the Palacky University

Czech leading clinical biochemist and physician specializing in internal medicine.

Tomáš Vontor, PharmDr., Ing., CSc.
Associate professor

A recognized expert in the field of applied research in pharmacy and pharmaceutical technology.

Milan Krajíček, PharmDr.
A leading Czech expert in the research and development of new pharmaceutical products and technology.



Examples of our products that are being successfully marketed

  •    Diabetes formula: combination of black & white mulberry, bitter melon, blueberry and carrot

  •    Multivitamin & multimineral for diabetics

  •    Super Magnesium B6 citrate: high absorption formula, one daily, 100% RDI of Mg

  •    Cur-Cum: highly absorbable curcumin thanks to piperin & alginate. Micropellets.

  •    Slimming & detox formula: high efficiency through the use of different mechanisms of slimming, Green-food complex with 8 components including prebiotics.

  •    Migrostop:  for prevention, mitigation, and reducing frequency and severity of migraines as well as relief and relaxation during menstruation.

  •    Kilostop Probio: specially selected probiotics suitable for weight reduction and weight maintenance.
  • Astina Pharm a.s.

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  • IČ: 04022670
  • DIČ: CZ04022670

  • Registered in the commercial register of the Regional Court in Brno, Section B, File No. 7,292th



We are opened to all manufacturers from home and around the world to trade by providing a reliable representation of the product sales in pharmacies, possibly other sales channels. The condition is innovative, trendy and functional products from the ranks of OTC drugs, medical devices and food supplements with extensive domain expertise and significant contribution to human health.

Astina Pharm a.s.,
Politických vězňů 912/10, 110 00 Praha 1